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Private Spanish Classes, All Levels, In-Person and Online

 Living in Spain


Working in Spain

 Studying in Spain

About No Ni Ná

If you're looking to learn Spanish in a personalized way, tailored to your
interests, through culture and having fun, this class is for you.


Private Classes

A space where each lesson is specifically designed to meet your needs, interests, and
learning pace. With individualized attention, each session is tailored to you, ensuring
optimal progress and deep understanding.
Discover how Spanish can enrich your life in ways you never imagined before!

Barcas en la playa de Málaga
Barcas en la playa de Málaga

Preparation for SIELE and DELE

Prepare yourself to conquer the official Spanish exams DELE and SIELE with
Spanish classes specially designed for your success! Master the language with
confidence and security; with my expert guidance, I will lead you to excellence
in every aspect of your preparation. Enroll today and become a Spanish
speaker with us!

Language Immersion

With this language immersion, you'll not only learn the language but also
immerse yourself in the Spanish-speaking culture. You'll learn in Málaga about
history, music, literature, gastronomy, and much more. This way, you'll not only

expand your language skills but also enrich yourself culturally. Come to Málaga
and learn with me!


Are you thinking about changing your life? I help and advise you to find
accommodation whether it's for a long or short stay. Thanks to the fact that
nowadays you can work from anywhere in the world, why not do it in Málaga?
Get ready to start a new adventure in paradise with our relocation service in

bolso rojo

My name is Rocío and I am a Spanish teacher. Living abroad, I realized that I am happy teaching my language and culture, so I decided to train myself and took a course to become a specialist teacher in Spanish for foreigners.
Additionally, I am a SIELE examiner certified by the Cervantes Institute. I have worked in different places around the world: Zurich, Barcelona, Madrid, and Malaga.

When I'm not working, I love traveling to every corner of the world. My passionis meeting people and being in touch with foreign cultures. I also enjoy trekking in the mountains and sailing. I love art, especially painting, architecture, design, music, and cinema.

About me

foto desde abajo de Rocio
teclas de una maquina de escribir

Text Correction

If you need help with your Spanish texts to elevate them to new levels of excellence and
clarity, whether it´s an article, an essay, a presentation, or any other document, I can help
you polish every word so that it shines with precision and fluency. Trust in no ni ná spanish
to give the final touch to your texts and stand out as a Spanish speaker!


Museo pompidur en Málaga

Linda Mcintosh, Manchester (UK)

“Rocio is a kind and encouraging teacher who tailors your lessons to your needs and interests. After a few lessons I found myself attempting conversations in Spanish that I would normally shy away from and learning soon became a lot like enjoying a catch up with a friend. I would recommend Rocio for anyone who, like me, had anxiety about learning Spanish and needed someone with patience and a gentle approach while still pushing just the right amount. Thanks Rocio! You are a fabulous teacher!"

Saverio Romano, Firenze, (Italy)

"Le lezioni con Rocìo sono molto ricche e stimolanti, perché oltre alla conoscenza della  lingua si apprende anche il contesto culturale entro cui essa si colloca."

Eva Pappa, Mesolongui (Greece)

“Rocio, is my teacher in Spanish since 2019! With her you won't learn the mainstream Spanish but the basic language in all aspects from professional to friend conversation and common slang language to become a part of Spanish culture. In addition, she is friendly, helpful and stand by for any difficulty you may face. I would recommend her 100% as with her in less than 3 months I was confident to speak, write and read perfectly! If you want to learn also the Spanish culture, from political conversations, to heritage and historical interests as well as professional conversations with terminology, I.e. engineering. So far, and after speaking 5 languages, she is by far the most proactive and creative teacher I had.”


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